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kpn travels

About Kpn Travels:

KPN travels is one of the presumed bus operators, whom to KPN clearance on-line registration, casing of approximately 6000 passengers one day puts at the disposal. More than 230 positions of KPN registration travels around Tamil Nadu (Chennai), Karnataka, Pondicherry, Kerala by KPN of clearance is taken off and by KPN clearance on-line registration attached. With its well maintained Volvo buses KPN of clearance is far away well-known for the supply of the comfortable journey by KPN clearance on-line registration. Behind 4 decades KPN of clearance casing customers was in south India and a mark became to compute to with KPN clearance on-line registration.

Traveling for Indian south conditions, KPN of clearance is limited India very famous name. Very important bus operator with larger fleet buses in the country is KPN of clearance limited India. KPN of clearance limited India is created by Dr.K.P.Natarajan, and he is an acting managing director of the KPN of clearance and KPN travels on-line registration, or KPN travels registration. As a tour operator 1968, Dr.KPN began its career. It began the opening service of the KPN of clearance, which attaches to Bangalore and to Thirunelveli. Now KPN on-line registration travels or the KPN clearance reservation is present also for its fleet.
KPN travels India limited bus service enterprise KPN and the popularity of their execution for KPN travels on-line registration, or KPN travels registration and improves quality is obvious consumers, employer employee relations and the personnel monitoring, fixed at the outstanding dedication service punctual. B7R of the KPN of clearance trains today’s most modern and newest fleet of buses a good number, as 35 high end luxury attached by KPN clearance on-line registration, or KPN travels registration.
For KPN on-line registration travels, or the KPN clearance reservation, the place of destination, the positions and the clearance date must be preselected. Then you must select the date, which is given to the services, which are present from the KPN clearance. After allotter of your seat travels on KPN on-line registration, or KPN registration travels, sets you for pair information to confirm around your registration information and payment of KPN travels. That one directly and good quality to determine time which can be determined the consumers, the outstanding employer employee relations and the monitoring of employment fixed, around with completeness to maintain is the popularity of the KPN clearance on-line registration, or KPN travels registration. The execution of the company of KPN travels limited India.

KPN travel service exercises buses into four conditions Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala and Karnataka. Lakhs of the customer prefer this travel buses during the yearly for going to the different places in south India. 38 years publicly transport is indeed a large completion by its company. It has its head offices in Salem and it is in this business since the latter four decades. Of a modest beginning it developed nascent to the prominent bus operators with extend-quick buses in the country. Offering one excellent service with its good-maintained coaches and polite personnel, KPN travels strength lies in its illuminated management. Today the Luxury bus holds of this clearance is trusted friend sight on nearly all considerable highways of the south. The going through success of the company and the popularity its bus services is provable to its quality and to service within the prescribed period to the customers, to the excellent employer employee relations and to the unshakeable loyalty of the workers to the management.

KPN Travels in Salem do not let some hundreds run of A/C and of A/C buses, which attach different domestic hubs in the Salem region. The customers can lead the information over Salem and comfortable cities of the conclusion, which are simple. The customers can preselect the schedule and TIMING, who continue best objections their unstableness and with the adjustment. The best spacer discounts and – promotions can be effectively used past and all, if they out are on a firm budget and still on an opinion for the best bus service in the city. The bus service of the KPN of the distance is reliable and within the prescribed period.

KPN travel  services  is awesome bus services , which are settled in south India, places them weekend and daily service for the travel or business or private use for the order. A large selection of the carriers is on offer inclusively: Alternating current and not alternating current. Camp threshold and half camp threshold categories. They find the travel or the travel by KPN travel bus services, in order to be a comfortable choice. Bus rent makes possible for you to see the sight to go or drive without having, to the different destinations. They can enjoy numerous trips when permitting somebody else to do a driving. The attitude of a bus or the travel to KPN of clearance buses eliminates the usual controversies and worries when permitting you to enjoy your clearance and to let you believe comfort. In order to announce your map or bus rent into the KPN clearance, you go finding to on-line usefulness

On-line bus ticket registration is comes really into the larger supply in the Internet field. It you to the book map everywhere whether in India or outward according to your clearance necessities made available. Today there is no necessity to spend priceless time for the book/purchase bus tickets at the map cost counters or meet personally to all possible travel agencies and agencies. Different clearance companies comes together with travel agencies and their own web site start now to make around customers plants available of a bus ticket registration in here. It saves your time and money, which you particularly pay for fast bus ticket registration. They must go through straight on-line inside to the respective place of assembly of the travelers companies and announce their maps on-line easily. The multiplicity of the choice and the necessities are present by on-line registration.

KPN travel is the enhanced and excellent traveling services across the south India. They offer trouble free traveling experience with affordable price.  Their drivers are experienced and expert in driving.  In south India almost all kinds of long distance travelers are one of the passengers of this bus. They provide different kinds of bus based the distance and price A/C, Non A/C and Volvo.  They also provide tourist services to different place in India. The unique feature of this bus is every tourist bus containing a guide, who gives the information about the different places. And also they can schedule the timing and hotel.

We know online traveling industry is still growing in India.  So the KPN travels introducing new way of modern technology. It’s also included the online booking system.  I think this is the one of the unique feature of the KPN travels. See all other private traveling servers don’t providing this facility. The KPN offer a best online platform for your booking. They guaranteed your money.   24/7/265 customer supports can solve your any doubts about traveling

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Setc Online Booking

About Setc: Setc Online Booking Reservation and Bus Timings

SETC is a tamilnadu government undertaking for operating long distance express services connecting all the district Headquarters in the state of Tamilnadu. Corporation operates long distance buses exceeding 250 kms. and above throughout the state of Tamilnadu linking all important capital cities, historical places, religious places and commercial places and the adjoining states like Andhrapradesh and Union Territory of Pondicherry. The corporation is operating Semi-Deluxe, Video coach (VC), Super-Deluxe and Airbus.

Setc Bus Timings:

Route No Destination Via Departure Time at Shantinagar B’lore
628UD Chennai Chithoor 08:00, 09:00, 10:30, 12:30, 21:30, 22:00, 22:30, 23:00
831UD Chennai Vellore 04:30, 05:30, 07:30, 08:30, 09:15, 09:30, 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, 10:32, 11:15, 11:45, 12:15, 12:30, 12:31, 14:30, 16:30, 18:30, 20:00, 21:00, 21:15, 21:25, 21:45, 21:46, 22:01, 22:50, 23:01, 23:02
831AC Chennai Vellore 11:00, 12:35, 21:15
833UD Chinglepet Kancheepuram 22:10
834UD Kalpakkam Chinglepet 21:30
622UD Puducherry Tindivanam 08:30, 20:30
623UD Puducherry Cuddalore 07:30, 21:06
844UD Kumbakonam Neyveli 20:15
827UD Trichy Salem 08:00, 08:30, 20:30, 21:15, 21:45, 22:05, 22:45
827AC Trichy Salem 21:00
855UD Thanjavur Trichy 07:30, 21:30
857UD Karaikudi Pudukottai 20:00
864UD Velankanni Thanjavur 19:30, 20:45
687UD Trivandrum Nagercoil 13:30
840UD Karur Salem 22:00
846UD Madurai Dindigal 07:15, 19:30, 20:30, 20:45, 21:00, 21:30, 22:30, Kodaikanal 18:15
871UD Tiruchendur Tuticorin 17:00
872UD Tuticorin Aruppukotai 18:30
873UD Udankudi Madurai 16:00
874UD Papanasam Madurai 17:00
874UD Tirunelveli Madurai 15:30, 18:00
875UD Cumbum Theni 19:45
875BUD Bodi Theni 20:15
879UD Palani Karur 19:15
881UD Shencottai Thenkasi 16:30, 17:15
886UD Rameswaram Ramnad 19:30
887UD Nagarcoil Tirunelveli 16:00, 17:30
888UD Kanyakumari Nagercoil 14:00, 19:00
892UD Marthandam Nagercoil 15:00
837UD Erode Metur 22:15
837UD Salem Dharmapuri 07:30
840UD Salem Dharmapuri 09:00
838UD Coimbatore Erode 08:30, 09:30, 10:30, 20:30, 21:15, 22:30
838AC Coimbatore Erode 21:48
854UD Myladuthurai Trichy 20:00

Setc Online Booking:

SETC online reservation services have made traveling so much easier. Because of quick and simple online ticket booking procedure, the corporation has become one of the most trusted and preferred bus service providers in Tamil Nadu.You can book your tickets from bus stations. Alternatively, you can also take advantage of SETC bus online booking services. No longer calling and making enquiries, no more standing in long queues and waiting for your turn in front of ticket booking counters; just a few simple clicks and you’re done!

Currently, tickets for SETC buses can be booked only through its computerised reservation counters across the state, including T Nagar, Broadway, Koyambedu and Tambaram in Chennai

People who regularly book tickets at SETC’s reservation centre in Koyambedu urged the SETC to ensure all the counters there were functioning during regular work hours, as often, some counters were closed for want of staff.

The transport corporation operates 950 long-route buses for a distance of more than 250 km within Tamil Nadu and several destinations in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Puduchery. It has about 50 computerised reservation centres across the State.

Types of services

1. Tamil Nadu Semi Deluxe Buses
2. Tamil Nadu Super Deluxe Buses
3. Tamil Nadu Ultra Deluxe Buses(UD)
4. Tamil Nadu Air Conditioned Buses

Address Tele/Fax/Email State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Tirupathy
Tirupathy bus stand
Tirupati buses by SETC
Tirupati 0877-2225324 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
Travel Assistant
For inquiry & reservation

Bangalore 080-22876974 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Ernakulam Bus Stand
SETC Bus stand in Kerala, Ernakulam

Ernakulam 0484-2372616 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Bus Stand
SETC Coimbatore Bus Stop
Coimbatore 0422-2524969 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
Dindigul SETC Bus Stand
Dindigul Tamilnadu
Customer Bus Inquiries
Dindigul 0452-2427321 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Kanyakumar bus stand
Kanyakumari SETC buses
Kanyakumari 04652-246019 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
Travel assistant (New bus stand)
Bus schedules, bus fares & bus tickets
Kumbakonam 0435-2431251 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Madurai Mattuthavani Bus stand
Madurai Mattuthavani

Madurai 0452-2585838 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
State Express Transport Corporation
Nagapattinam bus stand of SETC
SETC Tamilnadu
Nagapattinam 04365-242455 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Palani Bus stand
State Express Transport Corp.- Palani
Palani 04545-242208 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
Pollachi bus stand
SETC Pollachi
Pollachi 04259-223955 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Rameshwaram
Rameswaram bus stand
Rameshwaram Tamilnadu Bus services
Rameswaram 04573-221263 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Salem
Salem bus stand
Salem, Tamilnadu
Salem 0427-2446041 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Salem
Salem bus stand
Salem, Tamilnadu
Salem 0427-2446041 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Tindivanam buses
Tindivanam SETC bus stand
Tindivanam 04147-222134 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Tirunelveli
Tirunelveli bus stop
Tirunelveli 0462-2554468 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
Trichy bus stand
SETC Trichy

Trichy 0431-2460992 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Traffic Controller
Koyambedu Bus Stand
Koyambedu 24794705,24794709 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Thiruchendur
Thiruchendur bus stand
Thiruchendur, Tamilnadu
Thiruchendur 04639-242211 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
State Express Transport Corp-Head Office
SETC, Near Pallavan Transport House
Pallavan Salai, Thiruvalluvar,
Chennai 044-25366351
044-25384100 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Bus Ticket Reservation
For computer reservation of SETC Tickets

Chennai 04365-242455 State Express Transport Corporation(Tamilnadu Gov).
SETC Bus Ticket Reservation
Trichy 0431-2460992

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BMTC Bus Routes

BMTC-Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation

BMTC is a government agency that operates the public transport bus service in Bangalore.BMTC was formed as the result of a split of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, in the context of the city’s expansion.

Bangalore Transport Service became Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation and the colour scheme was changed from Red to a Blue and White combination.BMTC is the daily pass provided at Rs.40/- per day (Rs 35/- for those having BMTC identity cards). It can be used for travel in any bus except the air conditioned ones. It is valid up to midnight on the day of purchase and available with all conductors. AC Bus pass is available for Rs.85/-

Types of Buses:

Blue and White: These buses have been around for ages and the rolling stock is commonly of Tata or Leyland make. Buses of this color scheme that have been introduced after 2001 have pneumatic doors as standard equipment.

White and Blue: The Parisara vahini ordinary buses introduced between 2002 and 2008 with pneumatic doors. The vendors include Eicher Motors, Tata and Leyland.

Blue buses: The new ordinary buses under the JNNURM scheme with low floors and LED boards.

Suvarna: Silver colored with pink lining. The fare on these buses is a Rupee higher for the first three stages in comparison to the ordinary buses, and from then on, the fares are similar. They carry LED route display boards and come with a more stable suspension compared to the previous generation of buses.

Pushpak: Launched in the late 90’s as a slightly premium service, these single door bus may run with or without conductors. The Driver may also function as a conductor (janapriya vahini). They are Coffee colored with fares equal to The Suvarna buses.

Vajra: Hi-tech, low-floor, air-conditioned buses from Volvo. They were initially put into service on the IT corridor, but are now running regularly between almost all residential routes as well. The fares are higher, by a factor of about 1.5 to 3 in comparison to the ordinary buses.

Vayu Vajra: Volvo buses to airport operated from 12 routes. They can be identified by the “BIAS” logo on their Route Display Boards.

Atal Sarige: Low-cost buses with single seats along the windows and LED display. They sport the Tri-color outside.

Marcopolo: AC buses from Tata have been introduced on routes not covered by Volvo at present.

Big 10: Connects important neighborhoods and obviates the need to use transit hubs, brilliant green coloring with the Big10 logo.

Big Circle: Runs on the Outer Ring Road(ORR) of Bengaluru. Distinctly colored with “BigCircle” written all over.

BMTC Bus Routes

Vajra Routes

Route No. Origin Destination VIA PLACES
2 Majestic (KBS) J.P.Nagara PH VI Corporation, Lalbagh Main Gate, Jayanagara 4th Block
195 Chandra Layout Shivajinagara Bus Station K.R.Circle, Majestic (KBS), Vijayanagara.
276 Majestic (KBS) Vidyaranyapura Central Talkies, Devasandra, Nanjappa Circle,
365 Majestic (KBS) Bannerghatta National Park Wilson Garden Police Station, Hulimavu Gate, Bannerghatta
505 Electronic City ITPL Bommanahalli,Agara,Marathahalli Bridge, Kundalahalli Gate,Sri Sri Sathya Sai Hospital.
201R Srinagara C.V.Raman Nagara Banashankari Stage, III BTM Layout, Domlur.
210A Majestic (KBS) ISRO Layout Corporation, K.R.Market, Mahilaseva Samaja, M.M.Industries, Kumaraswamy Layout,
258C Majestic (KBS) Nelamangala Central Talkies, Yeshwanthpura, Dasarahalli,Makali, Binnamangala
276G Vidyaranyapura Electronic City Sadashivanagara Police Station, Maharani’s College, Cauvery Bhavan,
328M Majestic (KBS) Gunjur Domlur, HAL Main Gate, Kundalahalli, Varthur
331A Shivajinagara Bus Station Kadugodi Bus Station Manipal Hospital, Graphite India Ltd, Hope Farm,
333P Majestic (KBS) ITPL Corporation, Military Accounts, HAL Main Gate,
333R Majestic (KBS) Marathahalli Bridge Maharani’s College, Corporation,Domlur HAL Main Gate
333T Nagarabhavi BDA Complex Marathhahalli Bridge HAL Kalyanamantapa, Marathahalli,
335E Majestic (KBS) Kadugodi Bus Station Mayo Hall, Manipal Hospital, AECS Layout, ITPL
335EA Yeshwantpura ITPL Swastik ,KR Circle, Corporation
356C Majestic (KBS) Electronic City Wilson Garden Police Station, Madiwala, Bommanahalli, Electronic City,
356M Majestic (KBS) Anekal Shanthi Nagar, Bommanahalli, Electronicity, Naryana Hurdalaya, Chandapura
356N Majestic (KBS) Narayana Hrudayalaya Wilson Garden Police Station, Madiwala, Bommanahalli, Electronic City,
356P Basavewshwaranagar Electronic City Sujatha, Majestic (KBS) Wilson Garden Police Station, Madiwala, Bommanahalli, Electronic City
356Q Majestic (KBS) Electronic City (Wipro Gate) Corporation, Lalbagh Main Gate, Southend Circle, Jayanagar Bus tand, Jayanagar 9th East Block, BTM Layout, Bommanahalli, Hosa Road, Electronic City
360B Majestic (KBS) Attibele Wilson Garden Police Station, Madiwala, Bommanahalli, Electronic City, Chandapura.
362E Shivajinagara Bus Station Electronic City Indian Express, Mayo Hall, Johnson Market, Adugodi, Krupanidhi College, Madiwala, Bommanahalli
411K Bannerghatta National Park Marathahalli Bridge HAL Main Gate, Koramangala 80Ft Road, Hulimavu Gate
411L Shanti Nagar Bus Station Kadigodi Hombegowda Police Station, Jn. of 80ft Road,J n of Dupanahalli,HAL Main Gate,Marathahalli Bridge, Siddapura, Hope Form
45G Majestic (KBS) BSK 3rd Stg 3rd Phase Cottonpet Hospital, Chamrajpet, Hoskere Halli Cross,
500 KR Kenchenhalli Gate ITPL BEML Complex, Hoskerehalli Cross, BSK, BTM Layout, Agara, Kadabisanahalli, Kundanahalli Gate,Sri Sathhya Sai Hospital
500A Banashankari Hebbala BTM Layout, Agara, K.R.Puram Rly.Stn, Kalyana Nagara.
500D Hebbala Central Silk Board Kalyanagara Bus Stand, K.R.Puram Rly.Stn,Marathhalli Bridge, Agara.
500DB Hebbala Hope Form Nagawara Road,Channasandra,KR Puram Rly Station, Marathalli Bridge, Sri Sri Sathya Sai Hospital,
500K Vijayangara ITPL Attiguppe, Hosakerehalli Cross, BTM Layout,Agara,Kundalahalli, Sri Sathya Sai Hospital
500KM Kalyani Magnum (JP Nagar) ITPL Jayanagar 9th Block East, SI Apartment (HSR), Agara, Kadabisanahalli, Kundanahalli Gate, Sri Sri Sathya Sai Hospital
500KS Kengeri Housing Board QRTS Kadugodi Bus Station RV College, Kattariguppe, BSK, Marathahalli
500N Vijayangara ITPL Kathriguppe Cross, Banashankari Bus Stand, Jn. of Sarjapura Road, Graphite India Ltd.
500P Chikkalasandra Bus Station ITPL Padamanabhanagar,Devegowda Petrol Bunk,BSK BDA Complex,Mono Type, Corporation,Banashankari
500W ISRO Layout ITPL Banashankari, BTM Layout, Jn. of Sarjapura Road, Marathahalli Bridge, Kundala Halli, Graphite India Ltd
505 A Domlur Electronic City (Wipro Gate) Dell IT Complex , Koramangala water Tank, Madiwala, Singhasandra, Konappana Agrahara
600K Vijayangara Narayana Hrudayalaya Kathriguppe Cross, BTM Layout, Konappana Agrahara, Hebbagodi.
600KA Vijayangara Electronic City (PH II) Vijayanagar, PES College, BSK, BTM Layout, Central Silk Board, Bommanahalli, Electronic City, Electronic city Phase II
600M Chikkalasandra Bus Station Electronic City (Wipro Gate) Padamanabha nagar,Devegowda Petrol Bunk,BSK
JP10 Majestic (KBS) Avalahalli BDA Park Cottonpet Hospital, Chamrajpet, Nagendra Block,
250I Majestic (KBS) Chikkabanavara Central Talkies, Mallehwaram, Yeshwanthpura, Jalahalli Cross,
25M Kuvempu Nagar Basaveshwara Nagar KBS, Malleshwaram, Modi Hospital
300B Majestic (KBS) Banasawadi MRC College,Coles Park,Maruti seva nagar
314H Majestic (KBS) Mallesh Palya Corporation, Mayo Hall,Tippasandra
333W Majestic (KBS) Doddanekunte Corporation,HAL Main Gate, Marathahalli
333Z Mahalaksmi Layout ITPL Majestic (KBS), Mayo Hall Manipal Hospital, Marathahalli Bridge, Sri Sri Sathya Sai Hospital
335T Basaveshwarnagara bus stand ITPL Majestic (KBS), Mayo Hall, Manipal Hospital, Marathahalli Bridge, Sathyasai Hospital
365P Majestic (KBS) Anekal Wilson Garden Police Station, Hulimavu Gate, Bannerghatta, Jigani
375A Kengeri Housing Board QRTS Electronic City (Infosys) Uttarahalli, Banashankari, Jayanagar 9th Block East, BTM Layout, Central Silk Board, Bommanahalli
402T Yelahanka Sat Town PH V ITPL Hebbal, Mekhri Circle, Majestic (KBS), Bangalore Club, HAL Main Gate, Marathahalli
500DA Yelahanka Electronic City Hebbala Ring Road, Marathahalli Bridge, Agara, Central silk Board, Bommanahalli
500KB Chowdeshwari Bus Station ITPL Yeshwanthpura Bus Station, ISKON, Vijayanagara, PES College, Hosakerehalli Cross, BTM Layout, Agara, Kundalahalli, Sri Sri Sathya Sai Hospital
500KC Nagarabhavi (BDA Complex) ITPL DR.AIT, Nagarabavi Circle, Chandra layout, Banashankari, Agara, marathahalli bridge
600KC Nagarabhavi (BDA Complex) Electronic City DR.AIT, Nagarabavi Circle, Chandra Layout, Banashankari, Bommanahalli
BIG10-2 Electronic City Wipro Gate Brigade Road Adugodi, Krupanidhi college, Madiwala, Bommanahalli

Big10 Routes

G-1 Kadugodi Bus Station M.G.Road Police Housing Corporation, Military Accounts Office, Domlur, NAL/Manipal Hospital, HAL Main Gate, HAL Cinema, Marathahalli, Marathahalli Bridge, Kundalahalli Gate, Siddapura, Varthur Kodi, White Field Post Office, Hope Farm, Kadugodi Bus Stand
G-2 Electronic City Wipro Gate Brigade Road Brigade Road, Adugodi, Forum (Checkpost), Krupanidhi College, Madiwala, Madiwala, Bommanahalli, Kudlu Gate, Singasandra, Hosa Road, Konappana Agrahara, Electronic City (Infosys Parking Lot), Electronic City (BHEL Main Gate)
G-3 Sarjapura M.G.Road MG Road (Mayo Hall), Honnarpet / Viveknagar Cross, Koramangala 8th Block (Rajendra Nagar), Jn.of 80 /100 ft Road, Jn.of 8th Main 7th Cross, Jakkasandra, Agara, Bellandur Gate, Kaikondarahalli, Doddakannahalli, Kodathi Gate, Chandapura Cross, Dommasandra, Yamarie, Sompura Gate, Sarjapura
G-4 Bannerghatta National Park Brigade Road Brigade Road, Mico Factory, Bangalore Dairy Circle, Gurappanapalya, Bilekahalli, Hulimavu Gate, Gottigere, Basavanapura, Kalkere, Bannerghatta Circle, Bannerghatta National Park
G-5 Kaggalipura Hudson Circle via KRM Corporation Office, KR Market, Mahilaseva Samaja, Basavanagudi Police Stn, South End Circle, Banashankari, Jaraganahalli Cross, Konanakunte Cross, Raghuvanahalli Cross, Talaghattapura, Chinnaiahnapalya (Silk Farm), Shani Mahatma Temple, Udayanapalya, Kaggalipura
G-6 Kengeri Satellite Town Hudson Circle Corporation Office, K.R.Market, Sirsi Circle, M.C.T.C./ Bapujinagara, Nayandanahalli, Bangalore University Gate, R.V. Engineering College, Kengeri, Jn. Of Kammaghatta Toad, Kengeri Satelite Town/Hoysala Circle, Kengeri Housing Board Quarters
G-7 Gollarahatti Gate Hudson Circle Majestic (KBS), Magadi Rd 1st Cross, Toll Gate, KHB Colony, Kamakshipalya, Kottigepalya, Sunkadakatte, Bydarahalli, Gollarahatti, Jn. Of Nice Rd
G-8 Nelamangala BRV Parade Ground BRV Parade Ground, Shivajinagar/indian express, Vasanthanagara/Cont. Rly. Stn, J.C. Nagara, Mekhri Circle, CPRI Gate, Yeshwanthpura, Suryodaya Mills, C.M.T.I.
G-9 Yelahanka satellite Town B.R.V.Parade Ground BRV Parade Ground, Shivajinagar/indian express, Vasanth Nagar/ Cant Rlwy Station, J.C. Nagara, Mekhri Circle, Veterinary College, Hebbal, Military Dairy Farm, Byatarayanapura, Allasandra Gate, Yelahanka NES Office, Yelahanka Satellite Town, Yelahanka Phase V
G-10 Corporation R.K. Hegde Nagara Corporation (Kasturba Road), Gandhi Statue (Chinnaswami Stadium), Shivajinagar/indian express, CSI/Cont.Rly. Stn, Coles Park, Slaughter House, Muslim Colony, K.G.Halli Police Station, Nagawara, Ramakrishna Hegade Nagara,
G-11 Balekundri Circle Bagaluru Balekundri Circle/ Indian Express, Vasanthanagara /CSI, Coles Park, Clarence School, Lingarajapura, Kacharakanahalli, Hennur Cross, Geddalahalli, Kothanur, Chikka Gubbi Cross, Kannur, Hosur Bande, Chakkalahatti, Bagalur, Trinity Circle
G-12 Halsoor KR Puram Halsoor, Isolation Hospital, Benningana Halli, K.R.Puram Rly STN, K.R.Puram

Vayu Vajra Routes

Route No. Origin BIAL Via Place All Routes pass by these stops
BIAS-1 Gottigere BIAL Meenakshi Temple,IIM,Jayadeva Hospital,Dairy Circle,Shanti Nagar Bus Stand,Majestic (KBS) Mekhri Circle, Hebbala, Kogilu Cross
BIAS-4 HAL Main Gate BIAL Chinmaiah Hospital , Indiranagar Police station, Halsoor, Halsoor Lake , Taj Residency, Lakeside Hospital, St.Johns Road, J.C.Nagara Mekhri Circle, Hebbala, Kogilu Cross
BIAS-5 J.P.Nagara 6th Phase BIAL Jayanagara 4th Block,Shanthinagra Bus Stand,Hotel Ramanashree,Hotel Woodlands,Bangalore Club, High Grounds, Le Meridian, Windsor Manor Mekhri Circle, Hebbala, Kogilu Cross
BIAS-6 Kadugodi Bus Station BIAL Hope Farm, Whitefield Post Office, Siddapura, Marathahalli Bridge, HAL, Leela Palace, Royal Orchard, Domlur, Taj Residency, Lakeside Hospital, St.Johns Road, J.C.Nagara Mekhri Circle, Hebbala, Kogilu Cross
BIAS-7 H.S.R. Layout (BDA Complex) BIAL Madiwala, Forum/Checkpost, Shanthinagara Bus Stand, Richmond Circle,Chancery Pavillion, Bowring Institute, Bangalore Club, Indian Express, Vasantanagara, RM Guttahalli, Mekhri Circle, Hebbala, Kogilu Cross
BIAS-7-A H.S.R. Layout (BDA Complex) BIAL Koramangala, BDA Complex, Koramangala Sony World , Dell Software Complex, Domlur, M.G.Road, GPO, Windsor Manor, RM.Guttahalli Mekhri Circle, Hebbala, Kogilu Cross
BIAS-8 Electronic City BIAL Bommanahalli, Central Silk Board, Agara,Marathahalli Ring Road, K.R.Puram Railway Station, Kalyana Nagara, Hebbala, Kogilu Cross
BIAS-9 Majestic/ KBS BIAL Shivananda Circle/Central, Grand Ashoka, Windsor Manner, R.M. Guttahalli Mekhri Circle, Hebbala, Kogilu Cross
BIAS-10 MCTC Bus Station BIAL Vijaynagar, Basaveswaranagar, Modi Hospital , Navarang , Malleshwaram, Mekhri Circle, Hebbala, Kogilu Cross
BIAS-11 Chikkalasandra Bus Stand BIAL Padmanabhanagara, Kathariguppe, Hosakerehalli Cross, PES College, BHEL Deepanjali Nagara,Vijayanagara, Navarang,Malleshwaram , Sadashiv Nagara, Bashyam Circle Mekhri Circle, Hebbala, Kogilu Cross
BIAS-12 Kuvempu Nagara (BTM Layout) BIAL J.P.Nagara Phase III,Jayangara 9th Block East,Jayanagar Bus Station,Vijaya College, Minerva Circle, Corporation, Kasturba Road, Basaveshwara Circle Mekhri Circle, Hebbala, Kogilu Cross
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APSRTC Online Booking

Apsrtc Online Booking

Traveling is an integral part of in every human life. The county like India many people are uses roadways to travel one place to another place. They usually use Buses to travel across in India because buses are the very ease mode of traveling. Busses are owned by private parties or government undertaken buses. There many travel agencies are available in India for our traveling needs.They provide different services and different facilities for their customer

APSRTC which stands for Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation is certainly one of the most trusted bus services functioning within and outside of AP (Andhra Pradesh). Their buses connect passengers from Andhra Pradesh to neighboring states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa, Goa and also to the union territory of Pondicherry.

Apsrtc online booking reservation can be done for any number of members. There is no problem as the facilities which are offered to the people are good. With the help of the apsrtc online booking website you can go for the apsrtc online booking as well as the apsrtc online booking reservation. The apsrtc online booking is easy and comfortable as you can use the services at any time you want. Even if you are at home then too you can visit the apsrtc online booking website for the booking your seats. There are lots of packages which you can get and hence choose the best one that you like. Even the prices are such that it will come in to your budget.

APSRTC traveling now provide online ticket booking facility to their customers. You can register and reserve tickets online from here For this we first need to register to their official site. After success full registration the site allow login to this and we make online registration from anywhere anytime even using a mobile phone.
If you need to get any information regarding the trips then you can visit the website for the best information that you are looking for. Hope you are satisfied with the services that you avail from the apsrtc online booking website.
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Ksrtc Online Booking

About Ksrtc

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) was formed in 1961 with a total fleet of 1792 busses. KSRTC’s fleet got 800 more buses during the emergency period of 175-77. Owned completely by Karnataka Government, KSRTC bus services are splendid in all ways. Well, Government of India is also a shareholder in KSRTC. KSRTC Bus services are also known for its introduction of Volvo buses., a leading travel portal, offer KSRTC bus tickets online booking.

KSRTC buses are categorized into several groups. KSRTC fleet include buses like Karnataka Saarige, Rajahamsa Executive Bus, Sheetal, AMBAARI Corona, Kaveri Medium floor City Bus, AMBAARI Sleeper bus, Volvo VAIBHAVA, Airavat, Mercedes-Benz bus and many others. Nearly 25000 KSRTC bus tickets are booked online on few peak days.

Among the best bus operators KSRTC is one which has its name on the top of the list in providing best online booking service. KSRTC stand for Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation. KSRTC Online Booking provides tickets for Volvo as well as regular seater buses. This online ticket booking facilities has been provided for the benefit of the people and making their lives easier and providing convenience to the people of Karnataka. You can book your ticket online. Online ticketing booking is easier than standing in the queue before the booking counter. This will reduce your wastage of time. Specially working people find it very difficult to stand in the queue for hours to get ticket. Now you don’t have to stand in the queue for bus ticket.

You can book your KSRTC bus ticket online and save your time and money. KSRTC online booking is best way to book your KSRTC bus tickets. You can avail this online booking facilities provided by the KSRTC. You just have to register yourself with the website. Then you will be assigned a password and username. Through this you can do online booking.

KSRTC online provides all details to the members like type of buses operated by this operator, destinations to which it operates its buses, pick up and drop points, fares and time table. KSRTC online booking provides best services to the customers. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation was set up in 1961 by Government. This is one of the best bus service providers in Karnatka. Government of India also has its shareholder in this. This operator is known for its introduction of Volvo buse at low fare. KSRTC is known for its best service to the passenger in terms of good A/C quality, iimproved trye suspension etc. KSRTC is having different units in the state consulting the state to provide best facilities to the customers. This operators has mainly four units namely as NWKRTC Hubli, KSRTC Bangalore, NEKRTC Gulbuga, BMTC Bangalore. This operator provides adequate, efficient, economic and properly coordinated road transport services to passenger.

The KSRTC buses are all air-conditioned buses. KSRTC bus services are known for offering luxurious and comfortable journey to passengers and make their travelling experience a memorable one. Nearly all buses of KSRTC have single laminated windshield glass so as to offer a better glimpse to passengers from inside the bus. The buses have increased leg space and also have calf support. KSRTC buses are popular for their attractive interiors as well as exteriors. They also posses a separate luggage cabin where passengers can store their luggage while travelling.

With so much ease and convenience in booking bus tickets online, a huge number of people are logging on to MakeMyTrip to book KSRTC bus tickets.

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